Department of Education Learnerships Programme

About the Department of Education Learnerships Programme

The Department of Education aims at giving individuals solid educational background. Successful individuals will be qualified workers within this industry. The Department of Education has a vision which is empower communities by giving them access to free quality Education. 

Department of Education Learnerships are all related to the educational process but also includes a different of other fields seen as scarce skills. Depending on the learnership, some individuals may need to finish more than one for a formal qualification

Basic Learnership fields

  • Primary School Teacher
  • High School Teacher
  • Training Facilitator


There are some set requirements that individuals need to meet to qualify for the learnership via this Department. Below we have listed some of those requirements, yet, there may be more required depending on the chosen field

Most Important Requirements :

  • Individuals must be South African citizens
  • Individuals must hold a valid ID document
  • Individuals must have a matric certification
  • Individuals must currently  unemployed

If applicable individuals may also need to have a certificate or degree within their field. Individuals must also provide all their academic transcripts and be sure the information they give is current. It is advisable to also include a detailed CV and reference letters if available

Each province in South Africa has their own Department of Education that falls under the Department of Education. The Department of Education learnerships applications online cannot be accessed, individuals who are keen can download the Z83 application form and submit it along with all required documentation to their nearest Department of Education

Closing date

Closing dates within this industry changes every year that is why is highly recommended that interested individuals should first talk to someone at their local Department of Education before submitting their applications