Rcl Foods Internship Programme

About the Rcl Foods Internship Programme

Rcl foods Internship: offers exceptional development opportunities to self-motivated, talented individuals who are full of flavour, enabling them to achieve a successful future in the industry.

Through a fast-paced, accelerated learning environment, Trainees will receive essential career ingredients from there. They’ll receive the development training, experience and mentorship needed to take them to leadership levels within RCL FOODS.

Our aggressive fast-track development programme is the perfect entree for career success, forming an integral part of building our future RCL FOODS leadership pipeline, by preparing graduates to take on leadership roles within 4 to 5 years.

What is in it for me?


Meaningful work experience that forms the foundation of your career, receiving the perfect career entree for your future.
Coaching from senior leaders to gain insights into strategic thinking. You’ll also receive career advice from these career masterchefs.
Planned rotations to ensure you obtain the right combination of ingredients to get you ready for that leadership role.
Structured development plans that keep you clear on what preparation you need throughout your journey.
You’ll combine the above daily to create a CAREER, not just a job!


To top it all off, RCL FOODS

has built a culture that motivates Management Trainees to become Authentic Leaders by being More Brave, having More Impact, and being More Curious all while having More Fun.

Discover yourself here in an environment that allows you to be MORE YOU

Minimum Requirements


For us to help you craft your career recipe for success in the Research & Development sector, there are some essential ingredients we look for in you first. These include:

  • Completed studies or currently in the final year of study
  • Completion of post-graduate studies is advantageous
  • Good academic results in your majors in 2nd and 3rd year


  • Computer Literacy (MS Office, including Excel and Word)
  • Excellent communication skills
    Output driven
  • Analytical and conceptual thinking
  • Deadline focused
  • Process-driven
  • Adaptable

Duties and Responsibilities


At the core of our Management Trainee Programme

is authentic leadership. Our Research and Development Graduates are given the opportunity to grow through a 3-year development programme, laying a strong foundation for a successful career.

We begin with a practical introduction to our working environment, whereby Management Trainees gain experience through meaningful work in one of our RCL Manufacturing plants that enable them to take ownership and responsibility for real business projects.

Coupled with building exposure, we invest in our Management Trainees’ personal development and growth through training, mentorship and structured developmental plans. Management Trainees are expected to have high levels of drive and initiative to remain focused on their development and contribution to the greater team.

Successful incumbents must be willing to relocate.


If you think you have what it takes to be our next Research & Development Trainee, apply and see and do things differently with us.

Don’t miss out – get your applications in before the closing date! Online applications close on 12 August 2022.

If you are MORE CURIOUS about being our Trainee  click on the attachment on this advert to find out MORE

How To Apply

Foods Research Grad / Intern

  • BTech / BSc or BSc(Hons) in Food Science, Microbiology, or Biotechnology

Apply Online for RCL Foods Research & Development Graduate / Internship Programme

Instrumentationa Engineering Grad / Intern

  • B.Engineering Electrical / B.Tech Electrical Engineering (Electrical light current, Control, and Instrumentation, Telecommunication)

Apply Online for RCL Foods Instrumentation Engineer Graduate / Internship Programme

Electrical Engineering Grad / Intern
B.Engineering / B.Sc. Engineering / BTech Engineering (Electrical)
Apply Online for RCL Foods Electrical Engineering Graduate / Internship Programme

Marketing Grad / Intern

  • B.Com (Sales & Marketing) / BA (Sales & Marketing) / B Social Science (Sales & Marketing)

Apply Online for RCL Foods Marketing Graduate / Internship Programme

Auditing Grad / Intern

  • BTech: Internal Auditing / BCom: Accounting / BCom: Internal Auditing / BCom: Finance / BCom Honours: Internal Auditing / Business Science: Finance with Accounting / BCom: Accounting Honours / MCom: Accounting Sciences / Mcom: Audit

Apply Online for RCL Foods Internal Audit Graduate / Internship Programme

Customer Service Grad / Intern

  • B.Com or B.Social Science or B.Business Science degree with majors in Marketing / Supply Chain / Logistics / Economics / Management

Apply Online for RCL Foods Customer Graduate / Internship Programme

Chemical Engineering Grad / Intern

  • B.Engineering / B.Sc. Engineering / BTech Engineering (Chemical)

Apply Online for RCL Foods Chemical Engineering Graduate / Internship Programme

HR Grad / Intern

  • BTech Human Resources Management / BCom Human Resources Management / BCom Industrial Psychology / B.Social Science Honours in Industrial, Organisational and Labour Studies (Human Resource Management) / Bachelor of Arts Honours in Industrial Psychology / Bachelor of Business Science in Human Resources Management

Apply Online for RCL Foods Human Resources Management Graduate / Internship Programme

Inudstrial Engineering Grad / Intern

  • B.Engineering / B.Sc. Engineering / BTech Engineering (Industrial)

Apply Online for RCL Foods Industrial Engineering Graduate / Internship Programme

Mechanical Engineering Grad / Intern

  • B.Engineering / B.Sc. Engineering / BTech Engineering (Mechanical)

Apply Online for RCL Foods Mechanical Engineering Graduate / Internship Programme