SANDF Military Cleaners Are Needed Immediately

The Personnel Evaluation division of the Human Resources Department has a vacancy for a Coordinator: Military Veterans. Applications are invited from people meeting the qualifications and experience requirements set out below.

Purpose of the job

To enable Armscor to open opportunities to Military Veterans as prescribed by government, and thereby bring the Military Veterans to the fold of active economic participation which will also be to benefit of the country.

Critical Performance Areas

  • Effectively facilitate all departments in their implementation of plans to open up opportunities for MilVets.
  • Develop implementation plans in co-operation with relevant departments for the beneficiation of MilVets companies.
  • Develop communication plans that will ensure that all the strata of military veterans, from successful business MilVets to destitute MilVets about the opportunities available at Armscor.
  • Develop and implement a stakeholder plan between Armscor Enterprise Development Programs.
  • Identify and advise Armscor on MilVets companies that are ready for the incubation program.
  • Develop and implement a stakeholder plan between Armscor and the Military Veterans and other relevant stakeholders.
  • Provide briefing and update regarding progress on MilVets companies to EXCO.
  • Assess and report on performance of MilVets companies for Armscor’s reporting at the the EXCO.
  • Establishment of an open and transparent communication channels to ensure in time response to queries and information sharing.
  • Advice Armscor in identified risks in specific MilVets companies and provide mitigation measures.
  • Act as the nodal point between Armscor and the Military Veterans.
  • Identify initiatives to improve Armscor’s participation in supporting the Military Veterans and submit to EXCO for approval.
  • Facilitate Military Veterans’ participation in the Armscor tender processes in support of the development of Small Business development such as registration as possible service providers.
  • Ensure fair and transparent Armscor processes in support of the Military Veterans.
  • Establish and maintain an up to date database of all Military Veterans and dependents working with Armscor.
  • Reporting, consolidating all monthly, quarterly and annual reports before submission to the EXCO.
  • Do presentations on progress to identified stakeholders.
  • Facilitate information sessions within Armscor as to develop better understanding and support for this initiative.
  • Establish networks with the Military Veterans community as well as other partners in support of Armscor’s initiatives.

Requirements of the position:

  • Business related qualification or equivalent
  • A valid driver’s code 8 license.
Experience, Knowledge & Skills:
  • Computer literate
  • Must have a good understanding of Military Veterans legislation and Regulations.
  • Have detailed background knowledge on military veterans’ and military veterans’ affairs and associations.
  • Must have the interest of Military Veterans at heart.
  • Must understand business.
  • Must understand Risk Management.
  • Experience in conducting business will be an advantage.
  • Must have experience in dealing with high level stakeholders.
  • Proficient in English (written and verbal).

To apply please email a detailed CV to

NB: All applicants must indicate their FORCE NUMBER, job title and reference number of the position they are applying for in the subject heading