Sassa Calls Out Fake News

The end of the R350 grant has once again made SASSA the victim of fake news.

SASSA took to Twitter to dismiss a fake Facebook post which claimed that grant beneficiaries will be paid in 5 minutes if they click on a link attached to the post.

“The below information is NOT true and does not come from SASSA.” said SASSA in a tweet.

The social grant agency has assured beneficiaries that they will still receive their payments, despite any delays faced.

“All approved but unpaid Covid-19 SRD grant beneficiaries will still be paid. The agency confirms that payment will be made for all approved grants as soon as confirmation of funding has been made as these payments are from the previous financial year. Even after the grant has ended, payments will be made to those deserving approved clients.”

However, not all overdue grant amounts will be paid out at the same time, making the chances of receiving a double payment slim.

“The payment may not necessarily come as a double payment/lump sum or on the same day. It can be split over days or weeks.”

SASSA has urged beneficiaries to only visit the Post Office and other payment outlets once their grants are ready for collection.

This is in an effort to decrease overcrowding and long lines. Sassa Gauteng spokesperson Nandi Mosia, said beneficiaries will receive an SMS once their grants are available for collection.

“The payment dates are staggered to ensure these categories of beneficiaries mostly elderly and people with disabilities are protected from the month-end rush at payment outlets as well as ensuring easy adherence to social distancing,” she said