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About the SETA Learnership Programme

Unemployed graduates who seek for graduate internship for skill development, SETA learnership internship, probably, is what you need. Nevertheless, for this year alone, LGSETA invites aspiring graduates to apply one within some numbers of graduate internship programs that they offer. Curios to know? Speak about the graduate internship programs at SETA, they are; CEO, Strategy & Planning, Finance, Marketing & Communications, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology, Human Resources, Education Training Quality Assurance, Learning Programs, and some others. Bear in mind that for each graduate internship that is announced, it has its own unique requirements to follow. For both theoretical and practical experience, less to doubt, learnership opportunity is one within some other programmes that enhances its learners skill for the next level. Say that you think the same, just for a while take your time to know more about basic finance learnership just in case you look for some chances to know more toward insurance sphere. Expecting to grab this chance, your determination alone is not enough, as you should also meet with its minimum requirements. Speak for this, you need to complete a grade 12 and know how to speak English flawlessly.

SETA Learnership career are presenting a combination of planned and adequate outcomes of learning with the defined purpose. They provide learners with applied a basis and competence for further learning. The learner entering a learnership will be expected working for the employer, accomplishment of tasks assigned under the supervision and support of a mentor. They have to attend courses with the provider and carry out project and other work allocated as part of the programme. They end up in a qualification registered on the National Qualification Framework. The graduate has to be ready at the end of the learnership. SETA Learnership Programmes is a programme of learning that combines experience in working with structured learning (theory and practice). It is one of the routes to a career and to help current employees to improve skills, they have recognized and evaluated existing skills and obtained the qualification. And it also helps people who are unemployed to find access to the world of work.


SETA Learnership Programmes give the learners an opportunity to work for an employer for a time agreed during the program within a contract of employment. The learner is registered with an accredited training provider. The learning agreement is between the student, the provider of education and employment. A registered Advisor evaluates work experience – recognizes it as a contribution to the qualification. An accredited training provider offers structured learning component recognizes as a contribution to the qualification. The result is a SAQA registered qualification, with a minimum of 120 credits; that is registered by Department of labor and SETA. There are three components in SETA learnership program. Fundamental components are basic requirements of education to participate in the learnership such as, numeracy, literacy and communication skills. Core components are the central unit of learning programs (what qualification will be on the basis of), the basic capabilities and knowledge required. Electives components are specialized areas or the application of basic skills and knowledge in work situations defined.

Member organizations are eligible to apply for grants while employing a learner who is joined in learnership programmes, and has pledged to sign a SETA learnership agreement with a provider and a learner. The process followed is that the employer complete and submit an expression of interest form, and where a learner, the expressions of interest completed by the selected learner. The SETA then help to identify a provider, and in the processing and completion of the learnership agreement.


However, in general, the requirements for SETA graduate internship are; (1) you have completed either 3 or 4 year in diploma/degree based on that is requested by graduate internship program that you apply, (2) hold matric certificate,(3) capability in operation computer minimum MS package, but if you are familiar with MS Project that will benefit you, (4) you are under 25 years old with South Africa citizenship, (5) you have no work experience, and you never join another graduate internship program before, (6) capability to start the graduate internship at SETA Learnership opportunity. You can apply in here:



It is not all, you need as well understand how to build a good and effective rapport with people. Another consideration you better know once you think about becoming apart of basic finance learnership programme, you must be unemployed graduate with professional image whose age lower than 35 years old. If you are self assure that you are compatible with the requirements above, this opportunity is something you can’t miss, (again) if you look for deeper understanding in an insurance career opportunity. In addition, this learnership is only for SA citizen that is no longer take any course.

There are two grants for SETA learnership job. One is the General Learnership Grant that will be used to pay the costs of the provider, and another one is Learner Allowance Grant that make the employer pay the learner allowance, normally R120 per week. The method of payment differs as stated by the certain learnership. In some learnership the grants will directly paid to the employer. The employer pays the learner, who pays the costs to training provider. However in the majority of learnership, SETA pays grants to training provider, and, with the agreement of the employer, pay learner allowance. This system saves administrative time for the employer and ensures that learner fees are paid promptly.

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